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SueYen, founder of The Organic Zen has taught Yoga for more than 20 years with a deep understanding and life long passion for health and well-being. Having built a career as one of the most sought after yoga teachers in Hong Kong, SueYen has established herself on the London Yoga scene. Since discovering CBD Oil and the life changing benefits of this super-food, she committed to launching her new business: The Organic Zen.

Why CBD for SueYen? A month after her seventh international marathon, SueYen collapsed with a spontaneous Pneumothorax. Having undergone several surgeries she was left with numbness in the lung area of her torso and arm and suffered chronic backache. Sleep was also hard to come by due to the physical pain caused by the muscle ache. Desperately wanting to come off prescription painkillers, SueYen started on her self driven road to recovery and began her extensive research of different holistic and natural therapies and supplements for pain management and inflammation.

 ‘‘After first reading about the benefits of CBD oil, I thought I had to give it a try and it has now become an essential part of my daily routine. It has not only helped ease the pain I endured from my surgeries but it has helped reduce anxiety and the insomnia that was becoming a feature of my life. I have now fully recovered from the repercussions of my surgery but I continue to use CBD due to the significant benefits I experienced from it during my rehabilitation. Today, I continue to use it for a pain-free lifestyle after physical training and exercise as it gives me the freedom and ability to run day-after-day with ease and flexibility.

At first, I bought CBD products off the high street, but a better understanding of the CBD oil and researching the ingredients labels, I realised I was paying for products that were not so pure. Thickeners, gelling agents, flavourings and additives were being mixed into the CBD oil - ingredients that are not deemed ’natural’ at all.  That’s when I decided to source a significantly higher quality of CBD oil. The Organic Zen was born - a potent, pure and high grade of CBD oil at affordable pricing.

As a yoga instructor I have successfully incorporated using the CBD into some of my classes and devised a series of CBD -Yoga workshops, two of my passions beautifully complementing each other. I am passionate and committed to sharing the benefits of this incredible product and hope you too can experience the freedom of The Organic Zen CBD’’.