YIN YOGA- BACKCARE with CBD - Wednesday 30th October -13th November

A three week course designed for you to take charge and self-heal, managing/reducing your daily pain and health issues.
This course is for people who are:
* fed up with popping endless pills that mask pain and damage the gut 
* refuse to live with daily, debilitating on-going pain
* willing to take control and take action to care for your own body, by committing to 5-10 minutes of yogic daily stretching
If the answer to the above points are YES, this is the workshop for you! During the three week course, participants, with breath awareness will be taught a simple sequence of Yoga stretches designed especially to help ease daily pain issues in the shoulder and back region. Guidance will be given on how to cultivate this sequence into your daily routine/lifestyle. This course is designed to empower individuals to take action and be responsible to live the fullest life possible. 
‘'Choosing to live with increased mobility and reduced pain, is a life style choice’’.
During the first lessons, SueYen will give a short talk about how CBD in conjunction with a daily stretch practice can compliment the road to recovery, reducing pain and inflammation. (Taking of CBD is optional.) By the end of the three week course, if participants have under taken the daily home practices on, they will feel a difference in the quality of their daily movements and pain levels.
For home practice you will need to have - yoga mat and yoga block.

Day/Time: Wednesday evenings 7:30-8:45pm 
Dates: 30th October - 13th November
Cost: £75
Venue: Evolve Wellness South Kensington 

To reserve your spot http://www.evolvewellnesscentre.com/course/id/65/yoga-course-pain-management-west-london